Gift Idea: The Stoner’s Coloring Book

We have been working with other small companies relative to the festival industry in hopes of getting special discounts for our Family Members – which we call Family Discounts. One idea we absolutely love is The Stoner’s Coloring Book!

Featured on Kickstarter, Huffington Post, and other popular websites, The Stoner’s Coloring Book has 36 illustrations for you to fill in with your favorite crayon or colored pencil. We see this being the perfect gift for your significant other or friend/family member you know loves killing time with this kind of thing. Maybe a stocking stuffer? Priced at just $14.99, we figure why not?!

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Huffington Post: Woah Man, There’s a Coloring Book for Stoners

“Crayon in one hand, blunt in the other.”

Yahoo!: New Coloring Book for Stoners Encourages Oh-So-Mellow Creativity

“Whether or not you partake, you have to admit, the idea is not entirely half-baked. It does have an intense air of relaxation about it.”

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