How To Festival: Dave Matthews Band at The Gorge Amphitheatre 2014

Regardless if you love or hate them, we’ll explain how to maximize your time, money, and energy spent on “LaborDave” weekend at The Gorge.

To be perfectly honest, neither of us were into Dave before attending for the first time back in 2011. After a good week at work, we decided to buy tickets for Dave Matthews Band Caravan after hearing countless stories about how great it is. Here we are entering our 4th year, so w

This year, we’ll be flying into Seattle the morning of Thursday, August 28th and renting a car to The Gorge. We also rented an RV which will be on site when we arrive at the venue. We paid a few extra hundred bucks for delivery after last year’s blown-tire-in-the-middle-of-nowhere incident.

We got a great deal from

Enough with the nostalgia… lets get down to the details on how to maximize your time, money, and energy spent on “LaborDave” weekend at The Gorge.

Step 1. Be Prepared

-When Driving

-When Flying

This will be our first year making the trek via airplane. We’ll be sure and follow up with the lessons we learned. But we’ve definitely packed enough underwear.

2. Don’t Be Stupid

The atmosphere at The Gorge tends to be very easy-going, which can lead to making stupid mistakes. Don’t purchase anything from strangers (except burritos.) Also, make sure and lock your valuables in your car when leaving your campsite. Every year we’ve attended, camps have been ransacked. We’d recommend buying yourself a keychain for your keys. Getting any kind of assistance that far from civilization will cost you more than your weekend pass.

3. Drink lots of water/Don’t get too drunk

It’s hotter than hell in the high desert, with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees fahrenheit. We learned after the first couple years that it’s better to drink more water than alcohol. At least try and keep it close. And if you’re already drunk, don’t try things your not used to mixing alcohol with. You might miss a show. If you miss a show, you’re gonna have a bad time.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Dancing is imperative at The Gorge, but it takes a little getting used to. We recommend practicing dancing on a grassy slope before hand. Aim for a 45 degree angle. Grab a boombox or walkman and dance for around 7 hours. Follow that with a 1-2 mile hike, lots of booze, and more dancing. These steps should help prepare your body for what lies ahead.

5. Buy A Trinket

How to estimate your Travel Loan amount?To determine how much of a Travel Loan you should take, you must first create a complete travel budget.  Check There will be all kinds of stuff for sale, from jewelry to tie dye blankets. Whatever catches your eye, buy it so long as you can afford it. We started this little tradition the first year and it’s been something we look forward to every year. It’s nice to have a little piece of heaven with you at all times.

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