Electric Forest Bans Outside Alcohol in Campgrounds and Venue

Controversial news circulating the internet today; Electric Forest bans Outside Alcohol in campgrounds and venue. This isn’t our area of expertise as it doesn’t pertain to bird law, but one thing is for sure; Electric Forest is keeping quiet and appears to be censoring comments on Facebook.

Electric Forest Bans Outside Alcohol in Campgrounds and Venue-facebook comments

Luckily, there’s an intelligent conversation happening on the EF subreddit:

Electric Forest Bans Alcohol in Campgrounds and Venue_reddit-thread

Many festival-goers enjoy a nice chianti or a cool microbrew you’ve never heard of, so the reaction is not going well for Electric Forest. After looking at the EF website Festival Guidelines page, the rule “No Outside Alcohol” is listed under both Campground and Venue’s Prohibited Items.

Electric Forest Bans Alcohol in Campgrounds and Venue-festival guidlines

We can’t tell if this is all a cash grab or actual Michigan state law, but one thing is for certain – the loyal Electric Forest fans are not happy with the shituation and we can’t blame them. Festivals are an expensive hobby. Throw in the inability to bring in your own alcohol and you’re looking at possibly needing to take out a second loan on your Schwinn if you plan on having a few brewskies in the forest.

The festival crowd is creative though and will ultimately prevail. We took a quick peek on Amazon and there are plenty of options for sneaking booze into Electric Forest, so if you’re stressing hard over all this, take a dab deep breath and get to some online shopping. We’ve provided info on a few good options below. If you’re the MacGyver of hiding the sauce, Visit  here and please help out the novices by commenting below.

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