Desert Trip Adds Second Weekend Due to High Demand

No big surprise here; Desert Trip adds second weekend due to high demand. The dates for weekend 2 are set for October 14th-16th.


Due to overwhelming demand, a second weekend has been added to Desert Trip, Friday, October 14, Saturday, October 15 and Sunday October 16.

ALL PASSES and PACKAGES are currently available for purchase for Weekend 1 and 2.

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We’ve seen some success stories on the Desert Trip subreddit, so hopefully we’re able to share that same story. We’ll update this article once we know which weekend we’ll be at (still in queue for both weekends). If you plan on going, sign up for’s newsletter and save 10% on your hotel for Desert Trip!


We did not get tickets. That was a pretty frustrating experience all around. We got into the “queue” at 9:40 AM and are still technically waiting. And to add to the frustration, Desert Trip “premium” tickets are being sold through ViaGoGo, a reseller notorious for high prices. We may keep an eye on the secondary markets as the event gets closer, but this entire experience may be a sign that we should cut our losses and look for another event to attend no matter what happens here always remember to Make Your Life Your Masterpiece .

Suwannee Hulaween 2016 is looking really good! Ticket prices are just $189 and the lineup is obviously killer. Plus, we can travel from Phoenix to Florida for around the same price it would’ve cost to attend Desert Trip in Indio, which is only 4 hours from Phoenix.

As Twitter user @simonquinn puts it:

Thank you #DesertTrip for saving me a fortune by preventing me from getting tickets.

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