Artist Reviews: Beats Antique | 12-27-13 | Portland, OR

We got press access to Beats Antique at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom (thanks Alec from Beats Antique), but got kicked out of the pit after 1 song (thanks security douche from Crystal Ballroom.) Regardless, we got to try out our new camera!

We’ll start with the openers, The Fungineers. What the f$&% was that. It was a ventriloquist monkey unicorn dj/rapping… we think. It was weird. The music could have been ok if they wouldn’t have interrupted themselves every 5 seconds with pointless, humorless dialogue. So again we say, what the f$&% was that.

Beats, you also got weird. Good job. But it was a good weird. The trippy carnival scene and beautiful antler show somehow complimented the unique and eclectic music you bring to the stage.

From start to finish, they take you on an adventure through musical time and space, leaving you feeling refreshed and reminded that good music still exists today regardless of what’s playing on the radio.

Again, thanks to Beats Antique for hooking us up and the Crystal Ballroom for letting us in the doors. Pat on both musical groups backs for doing your part to help “keep Portland weird.

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